Virtual Race Around Ireland Challenge

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Follow the route of the world cup cycling event Race Around Ireland. This cycling fitness challenge takes you on a 2054km (1275miles) adventure around the island of Ireland, passing some of the country’s most historical heritages, iconic places and modern cities.

Total Distance in Kms
Number of Days To Complete
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How it Works:

1. Sign Up for the challenge using the MyVirtual Mission Platform 

2. Connect your favourite cycling app (e.g Strava) and track your distance from every cycling activity you do (Indoor or Outdoor).

3. Cross the finish line and receive a beautiful glass finisher medal in the mail.

This challenge is set for cyclists of all levels and abilities. You can decide to complete it in one week or 1 year. Whatever your cycling fitness goal, this could be the perfect tool to help you stay motivated! 

  • Complete virtually from anywhere in the world

  • Advance along the virtual route and see your progress updating in real time using the MyVirtualMission app.

  • Customise time frame to fit your own schedule and ability

  • Get an Official Finisher MEDAL with worldwide FREE shipping

Add the impressive Virtual Race Around Ireland medal to your collection today! 

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Earn A Finishers Medal

Earn An Official Finishers Medal

Show off your achievement and celebrate with the customised glass medal.

Your Medal will arrive in a display box within 5 – 10 days of completion. 

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Track Your Progress

Challenge Your Friends

Map Your Personal Experience

This Virtual Challenge can be completed by downloading the free My Virtual Mission app.

The app automatically tracks your activity 24/7 and uploads your progress to the virtual map and leaderboard.

Check your progress at any time just by opening the app!

Use street view on the interactive map to look around your location. 

Challenge yourself to complete the challenge all by yourself, or invite friends and family along for a little friendly competition or support.

+ So Much More

Anywhere, anytime
Track your progress and the progress of your friends, right from your phone with the globally trusted MyVirtualMission app.

Solo or with friends
Choose to complete your challenge by yourself or invite friends to race against you in some friendly competition.  

Your time, your place
You choose when you want your challenge to start and end so that it fits your schedule and ability. Complete your challenge virtually wherever you are.



Adventure Checkpoints

Race Around Ireland has 22 Time Stations dotted around the route. All of these time stations are included in the Virtual Race Around Ireland. However, you will also unlock new locations along the map as you progress through your challenge. Each new location is a chance to immerse yourself in the virtual experience and learn about local landmarks, history and culture.

Just some of the places you’ll visit:



Follow Teddy Around The Route

Race Around Ireland has a mascot. The RAI Teddy has travelled around the country each year and in this virtual challenge Teddy will appear in some of the checkpoints to give you some more motivation.

Simply email us each time you see Teddy appear at a milestone and you will get an extra entry into the next draw for a prize. The more often you see Teddy, the more entries you get into the next draw. Next Draw is on August 22nd (The Day Race Around Ireland was due to start in 2021)

Just some of the places Teddy has visited:

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It has been designed as a fitness challenge.

However, you may want to challenge your friends to a friendly bit of competition to see who will be the fastest to complete the full distance!

You can log distances using two methods

  1. Manually – Either on the my virtual mission website or via their iPhone and Android apps. Select your exercise type, add a distance and boom, you’re done. You can add a screenshot of your tracker if you wish but it is not required.
  2. Automatically – Via the range of apps and devices that My Virtual Mission platform connects with. Currently they support: Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, Map My Run, Map My Ride, Map My Walk, Runkeeper.

The amount of time it will take you to complete this journey depends on your fitness level and how often you cycle. For an extra bit of motivation you can preset how long you want to take to finish it, and the app will show you if you are on schedule to finish within your selected timeframe.

You can set your timeframe goal from 1 week to 1 year. This goal can be easily changed at any time if you want to extend or shorten it.

We do have a number of ways that we can detect cheaters, however we do realise that no matter what we do or how we structure it, people are always going to be able to cheat if that’s what they want to do. E.g. Put their Fitbit on their dog!

There are no prizes for first place.

If someone wants to cheat then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their money. As we say in the Race Around Ireland, if you want the medal that badly that you are willing to cheat, let us know now and we will give you the medal before you start!

This challenge starts on the 4th June 2021. You can sign up any time after that and from any location around the world. 

We’ve made it as flexible as possible so you can backdate your start date to whatever date you want as long as it’s after 4th June 2021. This means if some of your friends have signed up and started before you, you can backdate your start time to match theirs and add in the distances you did before your sign up date. 

Just as in the real Race Around Ireland, we warmly welcome entries from all over the world and we offer global shipping on medals and apparel.

On average we have people from over 80 countries from around the world enter our challenges each month!

Join our global community of virtual RAI enthusiasts!

The Virtual Race Around Ireland Challenge is powered by My Virtual Mission which is a web and mobile application that was started in 2013.

When you sign up for the challenge you will automatically be set up with a My Virtual Mission account where you can log in and access the challenge.

If you have any other questions about the challenge please email:

Race Around Ireland Virtual Challenge.